Nov 11, 2012

Nokia C5-03 (RM-697) (v23.0.015) Symbian^Belle Lite v4.1


  1. Bugless Symbian^Anna Icons
  2. Enhanced data rate and RAM transfer speed mod
  3. Prehacked with Super Installserver. You can now install everything without the need for signing and no more package built in errors.
  4. RAM Cache and Speed Optimized (Note: This RAM optimization is only exclusive for C5-03)
  5. Read Music files from E:/Music/
  6. CPU Acceleration Mod (Speed and Battery Optimized).
  7. RAM and Memory friendly Myra Fonts (Kinda small but a pleasure eye candy)
  8. Java Permissions Mod
  9. Symbian^3 Extended Menu
  10. CPU clock optimization mod.
  11. Restart option in Power Menu
  12. Integrated Symbian Black theme 
  13. Browser Cache Optimized


Rofs2- "Click Here"

Caliberated Core- "Click Here"

Flashing tutorials- "Click Here"



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