Aug 20, 2012



WARNING: Phone flashing is a double-edged sword; it may be useful and dangerous at the same time. It may brick/damage your phone for good (if not done carefully), so please DO NOT flash your device if you don’t know what the hell flashing a phone means
                        In this post I will explain the use of Phoenix (Nokia service software) to flash a Nokia (Symbian) mobile. Flashing means re-installing phones firmware (Operating system) files. There are many situations when it becomes necessary to flash a mobile deletion/corruption of system files, phone is dead/bricked or any other method to format the phone is not working etc. Besides, flashing can also be used to update to latest (or any available) firmware or to flash a custom/cooked firmware. So if you have any of the above issue, here goes the process, carefully follow the instructions given below as such:
                                    First up, note down your phones Software/firmware version find by pressing *#0000# at standby screen (Not applicable if the phone is dead), product code (on the sticker under battery in the form of 0XXXXXX) and type (look at the sticker under the battery; it is in the form of RM-xxx).

NAVIFIRM :( Used to download firmware of Nokia phones)
Step 1: Download latest version of Navifirm. Navifirm is free software, used to download official firmware files from Nokia servers.

Navifirm download link:

Step 2: Run Navifirm and wait until it loads the Products list (Phone model names/types).

Step 3: Find your phone model in the list and select it (For example, select RM-697 for Nokia C5-03).

Step 4: Wait for a while until Navifirm loads Releases/firmware version list in the adjacent pane. Select the desired release – the software version must be the latest one or the one that is already installed in your phone, remember do not select the release/SW version that is older than the one your device already have. If you do not know which firmware version is installed in your phone (like in case the phone is not in working condition) then it is recommended to select the latest version (usually the last one in the list) to be on the safer side.

Step 5: Wait until Navifirm loads “Variants” in the next adjacent pane Now, under Variants Select the firmware by country (Variants are Product codes of the phone – you can find yours at the sticker usually below battery or at the package box). Search and select yours from the list and wait until Navifirm shows firmware files in the last pane.

Step 6: Do not select any file, just use pre-selected files, choose the save to/download location and click “Download” button. After download is complete, go to the download folder and copy all the files.

Step 7: Now go to C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products and create a “New folder” in the “Products” of the above path and name it RM-xxx (which is your phone type code that you noted earlier, replace “xxx” with your phones actual code numbers, for example it will be RM-697 for C5-03). Now paste the downloaded files (copied in the Step 7 above) to the newly created folder “C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-xxx″. Phoenix will look for the files in the above folder when flashing the phone.
  • C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-xxx (for Windows 32 bit users)
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-xxx (for Windows 64 bit users)

Step 1:  Right click the “phoenix icon” in your PC ,click the “properties”

Step 2: Click the "Open file location".

Step 2: Scroll up then you can find the folder "PRODUCT ".

Step 3: Open it and paste the RM-xxx folder in the “PRODUCT”.

PHOENIX SERVICE SOFTWARE: (Used to flashing Nokia phones)
Step 1:  Download Phoenix Service Software on your computer.
Phoenix Service Software download link:

Step 2: Launch “Phoenix” after install it. Keep connections in “NO CONNECTION”.
NOTE:  “NO CONNECTION” is used in dead phone flashing.

Step 3:  In Phoenix, Click onFile------à Open Product”.

Step 4:   In Open Product Dialog, your Firmware will be highlighted automatically or find your firmware. (For example RM-697 for Nokia C5-03)

NOTE1: If not shows your product name follows the step below:

Save after finish these steps.

NOTE2: If you cannot save, save it on Desktop and copy it to desired location.
Step 5: Now from the menu click on Flashing -------à Firmware Update”.

Step 6: Now, under Product information, click on Browse Product Code”. Select the available product code. Press “OK

Step 7:  Check “Dead phone USB flashing”.

NOTE1: Switch off your mobile phone.
NOTE2:  Don’t connect mobile phone to “PC or Laptop”
NOTE3: Your phone battery should be fully charged.

Step 8: Now, click on the Refurish” button to begin flashing your phone.
Step 9: Connect your phone using “USB” cable after showing popup message as given below.

NOTE: If problem persist it show a popup message as given below and follow the steps it shows

Step 10: Wait until a pop-up message appears saying that “flashing is complete”.


Note1: Normally Phoenix takes 5-10 minutes to flash your Phone. Once Flashing is done you can remove the cable and restart your phone.
Note2: If Phoenix gives error while running in Windows Vista or 7 then try running it in compatibility mode (Right click on Phoenix icon “Properties”---à “Compatibility”--à Check “Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP” (Service Pack 3 or 2) – Click “Apply” and then “OK”).


Uttamjeet Virk said...

conect usb cable on phone.In time i switch on the phone and then conect the phone.yes or no.tell me plz.

Uttamjeet Virk said...

In case firmware updating faild or error.Then phone is dead.In case i can restore my phone.tell me.

deepak said...

1)Switch off your phone.
2)Remove battery and put it again.
3)Connect your phone then press "switch on" button for 1 second.
If you got mobile with usb charging:
1)Switch off your phone.
2)Remove battery and put it again.
3)Connect it (it automatically start flashing).

deepak said...

We can restore our phone by flashing with Original Firmware.But before flashing backup your data.

Lester Lester said...

Please tell me the password for the phoenix's rar file...

Jasmin Mikec said...

Can i get a password for zip file

Bladeivan said...

Please my phone product code is not included in this :(... RM-504 = 0590965.. please help

RITI AYUSH said...

password of phoenix rar file??

danutz said...

pass is