Oct 22, 2012

PlayboyCFW FOR NOKIA-5233 (RM625)


Peformance :

Features :

  • CPU speed Increased (Balanced with Battery life)
  • Starter files Edited so phone boots a lot faster.
  • Heap Size Highly Increased for heavy loading and Browsing
  • Belle kinetic scrolling by mr_gourav2000,  Now scroll thousands of messages with No lags.
  • All Background Apps doesnt run in background so we will get max. RAM!
  • System Cache Highly Increased!
  • CPU and Battery Mod is balanced so enjoy Speed with Battery life.
  • MAX RAM is  75mb! (It is the last limit for v51, more than 75mb of RAM is not possible, dont belive on old Previews)
  • Average Stable RAM is 70mb.

Display :

  • UI Highly Polished for Smoothness and Performance!
  • Totally Default Nokia Icons Used, Now no more white icons in menus and in options.
  • Default icons perfectly suits with 3rd party apps icon.
  • Use a Anna Theme so 3rd party icons also changed with theme and phone look perfect.
  • New Smilies like C6 and N97.
  • Nokia Pure Fonts are used which looks pretty with 6 page Symboles.
  • A Awesome Glossy Swipe To Unlock in Shiny RED color.
  • Now Lights behave perfectly totaly like OFW. Diming with light.
  • Symbian Menu busy circle.
  • Menu Arrengment with new icons, icons changes according to theme.
  • Center text
  • Extended Menu
  • Alphanumeric Keyboard by dan-av
  • N8 Qwerty Layout by dan-av
  • 3 Row Qwerty (3x10) now you can type fastly without misstouch.


  • Some Important Folders are added in Menu.
  • Mailbox removed completely from phone and Messaging menu. (Opera Mini is much better for E-Mail)
  • No browser bugs in OFW at all!


  • Voice Recording Quality increased and set to max
  • Voice Recorder will record up to 1 hour now!
  • Music Player searches only E:\Music\
  • Samung INNIV8 Audio Codects Added.( Exclusively) 
  • Video Camera Frame Rates Highly Increased
  • Camera image quality set to max!
  • Now camera won’t stay in the background after exit it, saves 5mb RAM!
  • Clock set to 12 Hours by default
  • Analog Clock set as default
  • New Clock Fonts used
  • Light Intensity: 75%
  • Light Time-out: 45sec
  • Belle buttons and Anna icons in the browser
  • Playboy Dark theme added (Code Shadow by Drigz) as Default.
  • Playboy Red theme added (RED_Morvin_DI_Ovi by IND190)
  • Zoom Theme Effects like IPhone with no Waitings.
  • Enjoy theme effects with speed and RAM.
  • Bluetooth renamed to ‘Playboy’
  • Profile renamed to ‘Playboy’
  • Belle Kinetic Scrolling is much smoother with awesome stability!
  • Custom Versions changed!
  • "Restart!" key in place of "Lock Screen and keys" !
  • No vibration while Lock/Unlock
  • Orignal Black Nokia Splashscreen Added! (Feel Official)


  • New Nokia Browser (A lot Faster and supports HTML5)
  • New overall Browsing Experience by Nokia!
  • Internet and Browsing Cache moved to C:\ for best performance (if we moved it to E:\ then browser stop to working after removing MMC)


PlayboyCFW RM-625 FP1: http://www.mediafire.com/?8402wackf3z09v2


Happy Flashing........